BTK — a profile of a serial killer

Dr. Hodges’ methodology and partial profile of the BTK a profile of a serial killer prompted several forensic authorities to recommend to the WPD that he be consulted on the case. By then the WPD already had identified BTK.

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O.J. Simpson murder trial

Dr. Hodges wrote a major article for an FBI publication profiling O.J. Simpson’s various communications surrounding Nicole’s death.

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JonBenet Ramsey

Dr. Hodges has written two books based on his forensic method about the JonBenet Ramsey case where he applied thoughtprint decoding to the most crucial evidence in the case—the ransom note.

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Based on ground-breaking work on the unconscious mind’s ability to observe and communicate forensic psychiatrist Dr. Andrew G. Hodges has developed a method of profiling and examining forensic documents and oral communications. This method is known as thoughtprint decoding. This discovery reveals that the unconscious mind possesses a brilliant deeper intelligence vastly superior to our conscious mind’s ability to observe and communicate.